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Pelletizing machine

A pelletizing machine, also known as a pelletizing machine, is a device used to convert a material into small round pieces called granules or pallets. In other words, it is an instrument that is used to create small pieces of different raw materials for later use in industrial processes.

These industrial processes can base their activities in the manufacture of animal feed, in the production of different types of medicines, in the manufacture of fertilizers, in the production of cosmetics or in the transformation of straw or wood into biofuel pallets.

There are different types of pelletizing machines, since these vary depending on the techniques used to convert raw materials into pallets, that is, how to carry out the pelletizing process. The most common pelletizing machines are rotary machines, high speed mixers, fluidization drying machines and spray drying machines.

Pelletizing machines carry out their activity in four different steps. In the first place, the raw material that is to be manipulated is dosed, adapting it to the type of machine and process that is going to be carried out, to later mix that material with the necessary elements. Once mixed, the act of pelletizing is carried out, so the pieces are sectioned into pallets. Finally, these pieces are dried by the appropriate drying procedures.

In Mabrik we carry out the manufacture of these pelletizing machines, using the best materials for their preparation, since the main objective of our company is to offer quality products, and therefore, we work with the best manufacturing processes.

In this way, thanks to our pelletizing machines you will be able to carry out the best granulation processes, and consequently, you will obtain the best results in your industrial processes.

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