Pellets are currently one of the most widely used fuels for domestic applications (i.e., biomass boilers).


Biomass machines

  • Pellet mills

    Pellet mills

    Mabrik pellet mills are built with top-quality and highly robust materials. Its design enables them to operate with maximum reliability under extreme conditions, such as those that occur when milling biomass, alfalfa, by-products, waste, and others.

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  • Feeders


    Designed to execute the thermal process for product conditioning, previous to the pelleting process. Our feeders are built in stainless steel and have been developed to obtain an improved standardization of the mixture.

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  • Coolers, dryers and post-conditioners

    Coolers, dryers and post-conditioners

    Intended for cooling pellets close to an in-factory room temperature, right after the pelleting process.

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Biomass machines

Biomass pellet are a type of additive-free, sawdust and wood-based fuel pallets, classified as solid biomass and shaped as small cylinders, measuring a few millimeters in diameter.

This is currently one of the fuels most widely used in domestic heating (biomass boilers), hot water, cookers or special boilers. It is a very economical fuel that is environmentally friendly and easy to transport.

Manufactured with top quality and highly robust materials, our pellet mills are the best option for biomass processing. This type of energy already represents 15% of total global use.