Animal feed

An excellent pelleting process ensures easier feed digestibility for animals, as well as higher quality and greater durability.


Animal feed machines

  • Pellet mills

    Pellet mills

    Mabrik pellet mills are built with top-quality and highly robust materials. Its design enables them to operate with maximum reliability under extreme conditions, such as those that occur when milling biomass, alfalfa, by-products, waste, and others.

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  • Feeders


    Designed to execute the thermal process for product conditioning, previous to the pelleting process. Our feeders are built in stainless steel and have been developed to obtain an improved standardization of the mixture.

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  • Coolers, dryers and post-conditioners

    Coolers, dryers and post-conditioners

    Intended for cooling pellets close to an in-factory room temperature, right after the pelleting process.

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Animal feed machines

Animal feed refers to the quantity of nutritional substances allocated to animal feeding. Thanks to our pelleting process, plant and animal origin organic remains are converted into compact portions through a mechanical process in which heat, moisture and pressure come into play.

Animal feeding via pellets, in addition to reducing environmental contamination, ensures easier digestibility by animals and also of higher quality and greater durability. At Mabrik we are experts in manufacturing, supply and maintenance of feed pelleting equipment.