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Specialists in manufacturing, supply and maintenance of pellet mills 100% adapted to our customer needs.

Mabrik has over 50 years servicing pellet milling in all its areas of application: animal feed, fodder, fertilizers, waste, biomass, etc.

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with a presence in 95 countries

Our experience, together with constant research, allows us to provide personalised solutions to the needs expressed by each customer, wherever they are. Our exponential growth means that we currently have a presence in 95 countries.

The after-sales service provided by highly qualified technical staff is characterised by permanent contact with our customers to advise or resolve any problem that may occur.

95 countries

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Our area of activity

We specialize in four sectors: animal feed, biomass, solid waste and organic fertilizers.

  • Animal feed

    Animal feed

    An excellent pelleting process ensures easier feed digestibility for animals, as well as higher quality and greater durability.

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  • Biomass


    Pellets are currently one of the most widely used fuels for domestic applications (i.e., biomass boilers).

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  • Solid waste

    Solid waste

    The recycling of plastics and papers is undoubtedly a conscientious and responsible act in today’s society. Contributing and investing in machinery for this is fundamental and necessary.

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  • Organic fertilizers

    Organic fertilizers

    The application of pelleted organic fertilizers has numerous advantages. Furthermore, the fact that it is natural makes it suitable for use in organic agriculture.

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and fully reliable machinery

We work on different construction lines: pellet mills, feeders, coolers, dryers and post-conditioners.

  • Pellet mills

    Pellet mills

    Mabrik pellet mills are built with top-quality and highly robust materials. Its design enables them to operate with maximum reliability under extreme conditions, such as those that occur when milling biomass, alfalfa, by-products, waste, and others.

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  • Feeders


    Designed to execute the thermal process for product conditioning, previous to the pelleting process. Our feeders are built in stainless steel and have been developed to obtain an improved standardization of the mixture.

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  • Coolers, dryers and post-conditioners

    Coolers, dryers and post-conditioners

    Intended for cooling pellets close to an in-factory room temperature, right after the pelleting process.

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