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General program


Company engaged in manufacturing equipment pellet, as presses, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, dies and rollers.
ADDRESS: C /. Marconi 66 08210 Barbera del Valles (Barcelona) SPAIN

ROSAL agro-industrial facilities, S.A. Company founded in 1956 dedicated to manufacturing machinery, engineering and assembly related to feed, premix, concentrates and feed plants for pets.
ADDRESS: C /. Roger de Flor, s / n 08130 Santa Perpetua de la Mogoda, (Barcelona) SPAIN


Tel: 0052 333 562 3100 Fray Antonio de Segovia No. 130 CP. 44800 Guadalajara (Jalisco) MEXICO

ADDRESS: C / Muebleros, 212 Industrial Park Chichimeco 20900 Jesus Maria, (Aguascalientes) MEXICO


Mabrik, over 40 years serving the granulation, in all areas of application, compound feed, feed, fertilizers, waste, biomass, etc..


Our experience, coupled with constant research allows us to provide customized solutions to the needs expressed by each customer.
A careful selection of materials, the use of the latest technology and comprehensive quality control, guaranteeing excellent performance and durability of our machines and spare parts.
The after-sales service, conducted by highly qualified technical staff is in constant contact with our clients to provide advice or resolve any issues that may arise.

Manufacturing line


  • Pellet Mills
  • Counterflow Coolers
  • Crumblers machines
  • Sieves
  • Spares for all manner of dies, rollers, etc   


For the manufacture of dies, steels used the highest quality.
In order to ensure compliance with our specifications, we subject to rigorous control both structurally and metallographic.
The drilling process is performed in automatic machines specially designed for it, always using the most advanced technologies in the tools, so we get a perfect distribution of the holes and an excellent finish on the inner surface thereof.
For heat treatment, using the latest technologies.
Stainless steel matrices are processed in a vacuum oven and during this process, the steel surface is not altered, retaining its mirror finish on the internal surface of the holes, which facilitates the work of the die from the start.
In order to provide an efficient and prompt service, we maintain a large stock of raw rings for both dies to rollers.

Product Listing

pellet mills
counterflow coolers rvf, cbn post-conditioner + rvf cb dryer, dryer-coolers unit
type zv sieves
type cc circular sieve
dies and rollers
pelletizing machine
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Empresa dedicada a fabricar equipos de peletizado, como Prensas, Refrigeradores, Acondicionadores, matrices y rodillos.
presse a granuler pellets biomasse bois fourrage luzerne straw ddgs filieres pour presse a granuler refroidisseurs a contre-courant
feed biomass wood forage alfalfa straw ddgs pellet mill pellet mill roller
coquilles pour rouleaux preparateurs sur presse conditioner feeder die and roller shell counterflow cooler

Mabrik, S.A.

Empresa dedicada a fabricar equipos de peletizado, como Prensas, Refrigeradores, Acondicionadores, matrices y rodillos.
Marconi , 66 Barbera del Valles, Barcelona
Telefono: 34 93 729 99 10